Manufacturing Solutions


Have a tough project? We can help!

Die-Namic Tool & Design provides all your necessary manufacturing solutions, including die build and tryout, CNC machining, CNC turning, wire EDM and short production runs.

We pride ourselves on providing big-shop skills and small-shop service. What manufacturing problem can Die-Namic Tool & Design solve for you?

Manufacturing Solutions


Die Build and Tryout

Good enough is not good enough for us. We build all dies to within 75 percent of print tolerance.
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CNC Machining

Our capabilities include full three-dimensional and fourth-axis vertical and horizontal machining.
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CNC Turning

We have the latest technology to fulfill all your CNC turning needs, including live tooling.
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Wire EDM

We provide solid turnaround times and excellent surface finishes for intricate part geometries.
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Short Production Runs

Die-Namic Tool & Design provides short-run CNC machining for a large number of clients.
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